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Brett Investment - Diversified Portfolio

The collapse that never happened

If like me you have teenage children (or indeed you may have a grandchild version) you will be aware of the acronym FOMO (fear of missing out). Introduced to the Oxford Dictionary in 2013 it is described as: “Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event...

In or Out – that is the question

In or Out – that is the question With the Brexit referendum less than a month away the country remains mired in claims and counterclaims over the costs and benefits of leaving the EU. As Investors you will naturally be concerned about the impact on financial markets....

Trusted Adviser Group (TAG)

In 2008, we (Brett Investment), along with a group of other like-minded professionals, formed a study group to connect our firms. All of us faced similar business challenges as we moved from a traditional financial services model to an independent fee-based advisory business....

Brett Investment - Pensions 2015


2015 is set to herald some brand new rules which are set to transform the way pensions are viewed. George Osbourne has radically swept aside some of the restrictions (and taxes) associated with accessing your pension giving the UK one of the best, and most...

Brett Investment - Enjoy the Journey

Whatever we do – let’s not miss this trip!

Let's imagine that we're on a train journey of several days and we know that at the end of the trip there will be a big wonderful party with a great band, flags will be waving and all our friends/family will be waiting there for...