Brett Investment: Investing news and views
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Brett Investment: Investing news and views

News & Views

Better knowledge of what is happening
in the world of investing

News & Views

Better knowledge of what is happening in the world of investing

Brett Investment - Rebalanced Diversified Portfolio

Cool for Cats

The Observer newspaper staged an experiment, pitting a panel of market professionals against a ginger cat called Orlando in a competition to see who would have the most success in picking stocks in 2012. ...

Brett Investment - Global Stock Market

2012 – The Year It Didn’t Happen

Judging by last year’s financial headlines, investors would have spent much of their time anxiously awaiting one financial calamity after another that failed to materialise. The euro zone did not fall apart. China’s economy and stock market did not crash. The bond market did not...

Brett Investment - Timing Investments

That sense of dread…

However difficult I find it; swimming off the coast of Donegal has become one of my most favourite things to do in life. But knowing that by stepping into those cold waters my body is going to recoil always makes me a little anxious. ...

Brett Investment - Stock Market Forecast

Phew what a relief! We are still here…

Unlike last summer, when it seemed that the world might fall apart and stock markets collapsed by 20% (on the basis of some useless comments from a credit rating agency that the US had a debt problem!) this summer has been relatively benign. ...