“Your future is whatever you make it.
So, make it a good one.”

Doc Brown – Back to the Future, 1989

Helping successful business owners, aged 50+, do more of what they enjoy in life with the people that matter most.

Do more now | Invest with confidence | Minimise tax

Do more now
Invest with confidence
Minimise Tax

At Brett Investment, we are regularly told by our clients that having tomorrow sorted means they can enjoy today more.


How we can help you live your best life now


We ask you the really important questions around what you want to do more of and who with. By listening to your answers, we can help you define your future desired life and ‘what the money is for.


We then build a lifelong multi-year cashflow forecast ,which maps out your future life events and your likely spending patterns. It’s here that we calculate how much is going to be enough.


As well as optimising your financial arrangements we help you implement a ‘plan for action’. Knowing that tomorrow is sorted means you can start enjoying your ’future life’ now.

Making a difference

Listen to what our existing clients say about the difference that we make…

Having a financial plan can set you free.
So why not start living your best life now?

Start your journey…

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We call what we do ‘Bettr financial planning’ because we believe it adds so much more value. Why not book a no obligation call, to see if we can genuinely be of value to you.

What we do

New clients often assume a financial adviser’s job is to choose investments. Whilst this forms part of what we do, we also provide our clients with so much more. Unlike a traditional financial adviser, we play three very important roles in our client’s lives.

Your Finances

Here we play a similar role to a traditional IFA. We help you make better use of your hard-earned assets (things like your pensions, ISAs etc).

We also will help you become financially better organised, build a portfolio that aligns with your needs, has low investment costs and where possible we lower your taxes.


We call this

Your Number

Here, using sophisticated and powerful financial planning programming, we calculate ‘your number‘.

This is how much you are going to need, to start living your best life now (or as soon as possible), without the fear of ever running out of money.



We call this

Your Life

Here is where we get to explore with you the best version of your desired future life.

Knowing that you only ever get one shot at life we explore and stress test different versions of this.

Knowing that you future life is sorted allows you to live your best life now.

We call this

This client-centred approach is BettrPlanning for a BettrLife