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A band, a legend and a wee business in Melrose

Oct 28, 2022 | BettrWorld, Brett Investment, Inspiration, Low Carbon

Run with me here… but what does one of the world’s biggest bands, a legend of our time and Brett Investment have in common?

In a brief break from my financial planning studies (more about them later!) Caitlin and I whizzed through to Glasgow for what must be one of the best stage shows ever. Even now when I think back to that heady night at Hampden Park, Coldplay in full swing, it still gives me goosebumps!

They created an almost impossible intimate experience in such a big stadium; within seconds of them being on stage we exploded into different colours as lights, balloons and confetti poured from the Glasgow sky. Yet, within the intimacy of it all it felt like we were part of something big…something REALLY big. Trust me when I say it was one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments!

But amongst it all it soon became clear this night was way more than just about their music

In fact, I left not thinking about their music at all.

Instead, I left reflecting upon on what their real message was – Coldplay had pledged to make their ‘Music of the Spheres Tour’ as sustainable and low-carbon as possible.

High energy but low carbon…

Amazingly, the show was powered almost entirely with renewable, super-low emission energy – things like solar panels charged batteries, used cooking oil fuelled generators and kinetic floors / electric generating bikes were available for the crowd to contribute too!

On top of this, 10% of all profits are going to causes like Client Earth, The Ocean Clean Up, One Tree Planted, Sustainable Food Trust and many, MANY more!

‘Fix You’

As they sang “if you never tryyyy then you’ll never knooow” it got me thinking about what more we (Brett Investment) could do?

‘Everyone wants to change the World, but no one wants to change themselves’

So in the spirit of Coldplay and our BettrWorld commitment, Brett Investment has recently installed solar panels to the office, which remarkably has already reduced our consumption from the grid by over 65%.

1% to a BettrWorld

As announced in a recent newsletter (1% to a BettrWorld) we – like Coldplay – have committed to donating (in our case 1% of our turnover rather than profit) to causes that will contribute to a BettrWorld and local community.

“The biggest threat to the Ocean is that everyone expects someone else to fix it”

So just like Sir David Attenborough and Coldplay are keen to ‘do their bit’ we here at Brett Investment, however small, are keen to do likewise and help contribute to a BettrWorld.



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