Done well, financial planning can be genuinely life-changing. We focus on you and the life you wish to lead

Brett Investment is, and always has been, fully independent. This means that we operate without restriction and without bias or affiliation to any product or provider on the market.

Trusted Adviser Group


Brett Investment, along with a handful of other like-minded independent lifestyle financial planners, have set up the Trusted Adviser Group. Trusted Adviser Group members share a common philosophy about markets and investing, wealth management, and an adviser’s financial responsibility to investors. We meet up twice a year to discuss investment information, best practices and business strategies. While these principles guide our approach, each member functions independently, bringing a unique personality and style to serving clients

“Today, many financial services providers offer fee-based services. But TAG member firms are in a class by themselves. As strong believers in wealth management, proper financial planning and an evidence-based asset management, we want to spread the word about how this approach will maximise the chances of you successfully achieving your financial and lifetime goals”

About You

We can help you work out:


What do you want to more of in life?


Who do you want to spend more time with?


What’s getting in the way of all this?


What other options are open to you?

When done well Bettr financial planning can be truly life-changing.

Meet Sarah & Michael

BettrPlanning for a BettrLife

Your plan will leave you feeling secure and confident about your future, meaning that you can spend more time doing the things you really enjoy, and with the people that are important to you. We believe that simply having money shouldn’t be an aim in itself. Instead, it’s what having money allows you to do that makes financial planning so powerful.

Our typical NEW clients are:


Aged 50+

and planning for the next chapters in life.


Business Owners

or are enjoying a successful career.


And Need Help

to make the most of the next 20+ years, all without the fear of ever running out of money.

You may share the typical challenges our clients have.

Concerns about the future – you don’t know how much is going to be enough?

Swapping money for time having worked hard all your life you now want to make the most of your time

Want to make smarter decisions so that your money works harder for you.

and whilst you may still love what you do, you may want to make work optional.


Not for everyone


This approach takes both time and commitment and as a result we can’t do it for everyone we work with. We therefore have put a ceiling on the number of clients we can do this properly for.

A typical client would normally have a minimum of £250,000 of investable assets (investments and pensions).
For younger clients this minimum can be waived.