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Brett Investment: Investment Advice

About You

A better understanding of what
you want out of life in the future

About You

A better understanding of what you want out of life in the future

At Brett Investment, our initial focus isn’t on your ‘financial products’ or ‘investments’, it’s on you. That’s not to say that the right product or investment approach isn’t important. It is. But it should only be addressed once we understand what is most important to you. Chances are it isn’t going to be your ISAs or pensions…

Of course sound financial or investment advice is vitally important but most people come see us in search of quality answers to some very big questions.

Questions like:

How much money am I going to need to do all the things I want in life?

When will I be able to retire and still afford the life I’ve always wanted?

How much money can I spend without the fear of ever running out of it?

Will my family be OK should something happen to me?

At Brett Investment we start by asking you about ‘you’. It’s only once we really know what you want out of life, that we can then start giving you the answers.

A Typical Client

We wish to develop life-long relationships with all our clients. This approach takes both time and commitment and as a result we can’t do it for everyone. We therefore have put a ceiling on the number of clients we will work with.

To give you an idea of who we generally work best with these are people normally within 15 years of their desired retirement age or retired themselves. In the main they have at least £250,000 or more of pension and/or investment capital to invest and/or to manage (for younger clients this minimum can be waived).