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Brett Investment - Investment Returns

All because the lady loves…

Here’s a question…if you could earn your investment returns in chocolate would you?

I suspect for many the answer is a resounding yes…well to an extent anyway! I was delighted to hear from a client that an enterprising chocolate manufacturer and cocoa grower in St Lucia has being doing exactly that by offering investors the aptly named ‘Chocolate Bond’. Investors invest in an unsecured loan but rather than receive a return in monetary terms they instead receive the equivalent value in what I am told are delicious tasting boxes!

Whilst I am not for a second suggesting you cash in your Wrap Investments and invest in such a scheme…for chocolate lovers, willing to invest an amount they can afford to lose, the temptation might be too great!

You will need to be patient however as the second tranche of this Bond has been fully subscribed but those who fancy munching through their investment and wish to find out a bit more simply google ‘chocolate bond’…

Happy munching!

Note: Brett Investment accepts no liability for any investments made in a Chocolate Bond.