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A better way to invest in your future


Our 3 Ps formula for long-term financial success is plan + portfolio + partner.

In order to fuel your BettrLife Plan we build our portfolios using a low-cost, evidence-based investment philosophy.

Spoiler Alert 

Let’s gets a spoiler alert out there first…

Brett Investment does not have any insights into the future of financial markets. We don’t have any ideas about what the next big stock or trend will be. We certainly don’t know what’s going to happen with inflation, or when the next scary recession is going to happen.

But the great thing is, we (and you) don’t need to!

Evidence-based Investing

By removing the ‘noise’ created by the investment industry and instead taking an evidence-based approach, we believe that we  improve the chances of you having a successful, long term, investment. The evidence we use is  Nobel prize-winning academic research  and based on almost 100 years of market data.

We don’t invest in crypto, nor do we chase the latest investment fad. In fact, by comparison, what we do is pretty unsexy, and some would say quite dull, but time as told us that it works very, very successfully.

A BettrWorld

As part of our commitment to a BettrWorld, we are also mindful of the impact that our portfolios have on the world.

Each portfolio has a ‘sustainable’ overlay which reduces its overall carbon footprint.

In short, it is possible for our clients to do well whilst also doing good!