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A better method for working out
what you need to live the life you want


A better method for working out what you need to live the life you want

The Bucket (of life!)

This is our assessment of the amount or the ‘bucket’ of money you will need to continue living the lifestyle you enjoy now – or to start living the lifestyle you really want. It’s the ‘bucket’ of money you will need to do everything you ever want to do, without worrying about running out before you’ve done it.

So, how big does your bucket need to be? Most people have assets, ISAs, pensions, investments and income, but they don’t really know how that translates to what they will need in the future, or whether it’s enough. At Brett Investment, we will ask you the right questions to give you the right answer.

Not just financial questions about what you own and what you earn, but personal questions about what you want to do, how you would like to live and when you would like to retire. Only once we have a better understanding of what you want from the rest of your life, can we can tell you how big your bucket needs to be and advise you on how to make sure it is full.

Below are a few examples of who we help and how we have helped them (names and exact figures have been changed to respect privacy).

Bucket Case No. 1

Happily retired and comfortably off

John and Jane Well-Off were retired and although instinctively they knew they had more than enough income and assets to support their own life, they also knew that a large part of their estate would end up with the taxman.

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Bucket Case No. 2

Business owner who wanted out

Michael Confused owned his own business, but quite frankly he had had enough. Work was no longer enjoyable and Linda, his wife, was about to retire, so he wanted to know if he could too.

The trouble was that although he had various investments and pensions, as well as a business to sell, he didn’t know if it was going to be enough for him and his wife to lead the kind of retirement they had always envisaged.

Essentially what he wanted to know was how big his bucket needed to be.

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Bucket Case No. 3

Retired and worried about spending too much

Bob and Alice Can-We-Spend-It had been retired for a couple of years. They had always dreamt of retirement and the things they’d do together and the places they would see.

The trouble was, they were worried about spending too much, too early, and not having enough for their later years.

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