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Brett Investment: BettrPlanning - Financial Planning


A better plan for achieving
your specific goals


A better plan for achieving
your specific goals

We follow a simple four-stage financial planning process:

Stage 1 – Discovery

This stage is all about getting to know you. Our ‘Discovery Meeting’ will help us to identify what’s important to you and give us an understanding of the things you want to achieve in your lifetime, particularly the sort of lifestyle you want to enjoy now and later in life. As well as defining your personal and financial goals, during the discovery stage we will also:

Ask for information about your current financial situation (income, outgoings, assets and liabilities)

Gather all the necessary documents we need before giving you any advice

Discuss a time frame for results

Stage 2 – Strategy

Once we understand what is important to you, we will analyse the information you have provided us with and assess your current situation. Using leading financial software we will then prepare a financial strategy that can help you get to where you want to be quicker and with less risk. At our ‘Strategy Meeting’, we will present this financial strategy and talk you through our recommendations in as plain English as possible, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Stage 3 – Implementation

Once any revisions have been made, we will organise a ‘Checkpoint Meeting’, where we will agree the final financial strategy with you and start implementing it. With your permission, we will carry out our recommendations, check and sort through the paperwork and, where required, co-ordinate the process between you and other professionals such as lawyers and accountants. Once complete, we will arrange a ‘Follow Up Meeting’, where we will hand over the paperwork and give you a quick refresher on what we have just done.

Stage 4 – Evaluation

An evaluation programme is then established through face-to-face ‘Review Meetings’ (for most clients a meeting once a year is enough). At these meetings we will review your progress towards your long-term financial objectives, to maximise the likelihood of you ‘staying on track’.