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Brett Investment at 20 – Looking back at the next 20 years

Feb 23, 2021 | Brett Investment, Client Service

Back to the Future – by Jeremy

This month, Brett Investment will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary. To mark this occasion, I am going to look back to the future on the next twenty years…and how I (aged72) and Brett Investment (aged 40) might look in 20 years’ time…to be exact on the day of 12th February 2041!


2041 has started fantastically well. Shona and I recently got back from spending New Year on the moon. We had a lovely stay at the Virgin Luna Resort. The return journey back to Earth wasn’t the nicest of experiences, but we are so glad we did it. Zero gravity is amazing!!! And the views…

Last week, we met up with Nick and the team to celebrate Brett Investment’s 40th Anniversary. I think we bored them all with our holograms of our trip on my iPhone 32.

I know Nick and I definitely bored the younger members of the team by reminiscing about the last two decades. I can’t believe it has been 20 years since Nick joined Brett Investment and 38 since Katie joined.

Nick and I talked about our old Mr Miyagi/Daniel Son Karate Kid relationship. I remember how proud I was when Nick became a Certified Financial Planner and Brett Investment won the Financial Planning Firm of the Year Award in the same year, back in 2028. I felt like ‘my work here is done’. But, to Nick’s frustration, I didn’t retire for another eight years. Or should I say semi-retire! Completely giving up some of the fun relationships I have with my clients has been impossible to do.

We laughed about how pioneering we had felt, when we introduced the Low Carbon BettrInvest Portfolio.  Although innovative at the time, little did we know back then that this portfolio would soon become obsolete as all of our clients would be on our super popular ‘full fat green’ ESG Portfolio, within five years.

We remembered the excitement of introducing the BettrInvest Crypto Portfolio, for our more adventurous clients. I think that was when Nick started rivalling me for grey hairs.

It has been an incredible forty years. I am so glad that my unwavering belief in long-term diversified investing has proven to be the right path. Shona and I’s life in (semi) retirement is testimony to that.

We have a wonderful life. Knowing that we have enough money to do whatever we want for as long as we are on this planet (or any other one!) is so reassuring. I am glad that we started saving early and taking advantage of the low costs and high dimensions of returns of our BettrInvest portfolios has really helped.

With grandchildren growing up it is nice to know that we can help them out, whenever we want, without having to think ‘can we afford it?’.

All in all, I think we have had that work/life balance pretty much spot on…I still love being part of Brett Investment (Nick and team are very patient with me) and am exceptionally proud of what we continue to offer and achieve.

Here’s to the next 20 years!


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