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Brett Investment at 20 – The last 20 years

Feb 23, 2021 | Brett Investment, Client Service

The Brett Investment Family by Katie


It all started with pigs, when I responded to the job advert back in 2001 that was the thing which intrigued Jeremy on my CV. Back then, myself and my ex-husband kept and bred rare breed pigs. Which I suppose was unusual. That is how I came to Brett Investment. Back then we were just one small room on the 3rd floor of an accountant’s office, sharing a kitchen and meeting rooms with them. I had to walk downstairs to the reception to use the fax machine (remember them!) and everything was done via post with lots of paperwork…

Melrose and fees

We grew up. Jeremy made the move to providing a full financial planning service and moved away from commissions to fees. We were one of the first to do this! It was not an easy process as what we did, and how we did it changed radically – a few false starts but we got there.

Moving to Melrose made us feel like a proper business and Rachel came on board shortly after. With Shona doing office admin we blossomed to 4 members of staff: enough for a lunch out now and then! But more importantly, I feel we became a family.

Wrap Platforms and Dimensional

This was another big change. You will all be aware of the Nucleus and Standard Life Wrap platforms; this was a massive gamechanger. For me, it was the ease of everyday admin for our client’s investments and pensions, no more phone calls to 5 different companies and different paperwork and procedures with each. Honestly, it was a revelation! Dimensional arrived and our philosophy changed – and we created our own portfolios…growing up yet again and things happily went along for a while.


We can agree that 2020 was a troubled year for every single one of us. For the Brett Investment family, it started with Jeremy losing his lovely Dad Roly. Next thing was Coronavirus. Pretty much overnight we had to completely overhaul how we worked, communicated, and provided our clients with an ongoing service. New technology came into play -ZOOM/more email use/electronic payments then DocuSign. This was a difficult and stressful time for us all. Over the summer it became clear to Jeremy that changes were needed if we were to successfully grow and continue.

In October that happened and we welcomed Nick to the family (and sadly said au revoir to Rachel). Since he arrived, I feel we have blossomed from a slightly ugly duckling to a swan (maybe still there’s some ungainly paddling underneath the waterline but we are working on it!). 2021 has given me confidence that the Brett Investment family of Jeremy, Nick, myself and Shona are ready for anything. Even Roly junior is shortly going to be playing a part…

To summarise, my 19 years at Brett Investment has been like being in a family. Jeremy being the wise big brother, Nick the youngest brother full of fizz and myself the often-bemused middle sister trying to keep up! Shona being the caring sister looking after us all – the role Rachel used to do.

Over time there have been many changes, and that is what happens in a family. Some leave us and some arrive. One thing I know is that the only constant in life is change and there are three words at Brett Investment that confirm this. When Jeremy comes down to the kitchen, puts the kettle on and then leans in the kitchen doorway and says the words which make me stop in my tracks… ”I’ve been thinking…”


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