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Brett Investment - Fee Based Financial Planning

How we pioneered a shift to fees

In 2004 Brett Investment was one of the first IFA firms to pioneer a switch to fee-based financial planning as we saw that this would offer clients better value, transparency and control.

In the past people would often pay for financial advice by commission. Paying by commission never meant that your adviser’s services were free, in fact in our view commission simply distorted the advice process and created a potential conflict of interest.

Shifting to fees was one of the best things we ever did and we found that once we were able to explain the concept properly (which took a bit of time!) we found that clients far preferred it.

In the main our fee is calculated as a percentage of the assets that we manage, not on the transactions that we undertake for you; we don’t earn anything extra by re-balancing your Portfolio and/or introducing new funds to it. Simply put, this means we are rewarded for ‘managing your money’ and not for ‘moving your money’ as most advisers are.

Alignment of Interests

We also believe that this aligns our interests with yours meaning that your success is our success as our fees can only grow if your portfolio grows. If, as happens from time to time, your portfolio does reduce in value then our fees will reduce with it.

Your fee includes regular face to face meetings, your own personalised cash flow forecast, access to sophisticated low-cost institutional funds (which most other investors don’t have access to), simplication via a Wrap Account, liaison with professional advisors and a lifetime relationship – all for less than the cost of an average UK unit trust fund.