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Jun 13, 2017 | Client Service

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“All the people like us are We, and everyone else is They.”

Rudyard Kipling

Thank you to everyone who took part in Dimensional’s Global Investor Survey. It was designed to see how clients of ‘DFA using’ financial planning firms view their financial planner and how satisfied they are with them.In total almost 19,000 clients, from across the world, completed the confidential survey with Brett Investment comparing very well with its financial planning peers…so a massive thank you to you all!

One of the questions asked you to pin-point the most important attributes in your adviser relationship.’  The options were:

  • Adviser age
  • Team size
  • Range of services
  • Fees & expenses
  • Experience with clients like me
  • Investment returns
  • Client service experience

The survey results were as follows:

(Source: Dimensional Fund Advisors’ Global Investor Survey, Table: Brett Investment)

Overwhelmingly the most important attribute our clients look for in their relationship with us is that we deal with people like them? I suppose that is not altogether surprising really. If I wanted to build a long-term relationship with an adviser, I’d want to know that they have experience in dealing with the kinds of issues I would likely be facing.

Pleasingly 100% of our respondee(s) would recommend us to their friends, family members and colleagues…and even more so we scored very highly (averaging 6.85 out of 7) in each of the following categories:

  • Professionalism of the team (well done Katie, Shona and Rachel!)
  • Our responsiveness to questions and requests
  • Our ability to communicate effectively (thank goodness for cups and saucers!)
  • Our understanding of your needs and goals
  • Keeping you informed on progress towards your goals
  • Providing services that help you pursue your goals (your Bucket of Life!).

As this survey was completely anonymously can we thank all those who gave us some really nice comments but equally those who were able to give us some good feedback on how we can do things even better![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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