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Brett Investment - Fund Management Charges

The Lidl Effect…

One of the newest, but best, effects of true price competition here in the UK has been the way that Lidl has changed the shopping habits of many. In the murky world of fund management charges Vanguard has been having a similar effect.

You might recall we highlighted in our last newsletter that Vanguard had almost halved its management fee. Now, in a sign of a properly functioning market place (for index-tracking funds at least) Legal & General has responded by substantially reducing its own charges for its FTSE All-Share Index tracker and Index Linked Gilt funds.

With Dimensional also committed to keeping your fund charges to a minimum (yet again it has managed to lower its costs and pass these onto you) you currently enjoy, via our Portfolios, some of the lowest investment costs in the UK.

Source: Vanguard, Dimensional and Legal & General.