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We Are Here

We are here, we are open, we are available

It hasn’t been the start to 2021 that many of us were anticipating. With lockdown reimposed and restrictions tightened almost weekly, the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate our way of life. For Brett Investment, however, we have been able to reinstate our ‘new normal’ and continue to interact and engage with our friends, family and clients.

At present the office is operating nearly ‘as normal’ (albeit with a watchful eye on the never-ending new government announcements). We are able to combine some time spent in the office with working from home which has enabled us to get into the swing of things for 2021 relatively hiccup-free…

Away from work, some of you may know that I help to coach rugby for the U18 Melrose Wasps (with Jeremy) and we were recent participants in a presentation to the players which referred to the importance of planning and routine…especially during times like these.

Planning your days using ‘A.C.E. – the key to a good day’

ACE - The key to a good day

It’s vitally important to stay connected. And so, if you are understandably feeling anxious or worried during this latest lockdown… or you need anything from us at Brett Investment (even if it’s just a blether and a virtual coffee)… we are here, we are open and we are available!

We are looking forward to seeing all of our clients again this year and hopefully hearing all about your ‘A.C.E’ experiences.