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What we have learned from the pandemic… and it involves Buzz Lightyear!

Nov 18, 2020 | Client Service, Coronavirus, Discipline, Financial Advice, Happiness, Inspiration, Investing, Living life, Retirement Planning

I can’t quite describe it as an epiphany, but I was definitely hit by my mid-lockdown ‘moment of realisation’ that all was not perfect at Brett Investment.

Like many people, I had unashamedly enjoyed the first few weeks of lockdown – the sun was shining, the late afternoon G&Ts were flowing, Coronavirus was still in its very early creep across the nation and to be perfectly honest it felt like we were on an extended holiday… only we weren’t going to be going anywhere!

Boris and Nicola encouraged home working… which I tried… did not enjoy and soon returned to my office and the daily 300m commute. Fortunately (through GB Technology) we’d installed home working facilities and I felt primed and ready to help our clients through this unprecedented time… or so I thought!

Over the years, being the owner of a small business, I’ve learnt being small (enough to care) and being light on your feet are two vitally important components.

I’m also wise enough to know that being reliant on too few people can cause problems too…

And so it happened…just as lockdown began Katie came down with a  non-COVID related illness…and it was immediately clear that she was going to be absent from work for several weeks and possibly months. Thankfully, she has now fully recovered but it left Rachel and I the challenge of providing our normal service all whilst working apart!

So, what did I learn?

1. The business was really too reliant on too few people…something had to be done

2. Working remotely (apart) is a lot more challenging than you would ever think

3. There was a bunch of technology I/we needed to master!

My retirement

Over the past few years and with increasing frequency I have been asked by (mainly new) clients about my own retirement plans.

I have never been offended by this but the honest answer is I have no such plans (I love my job and hope to continue for a long, long time to come). That said, I have, thought more and more that a younger partner in arms is now needed.

The time has come… with Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

In the same way that Buzz came to Woody’s rescue in Toy Story 2, I am delighted to say that Nick Alston has recently joined our own ‘Toy Story’ team at Brett Investment. Those who have watched the brilliant Toy Story movies will know that Woody has a great attachment to  his owner Andy… and little wonder as he’s Andy’s oldest and favourite toy!

With a very poor segue into this I guess my relationship with Brett Investment (and all of you) is just like that – 20 years in the toy room and a real desire to please!!

And like the introduction of Buzz, nothing stays the same forever. Although initially threatened by Buzz – Woody is never replaced (or retired!) – they go on to form a great relationship, working together to ‘save the planet’ (my take on it!) and of course pleasing Andy on the way!

To infinity and beyond!

So, what will Buzz Lightyear bring to Brett Investment?

Well, he (Nick) has some hard ‘light years’ ahead of him, with lots of professional study and exams to undertake, but with his joining, our capacity and confidence to grow, all without compromising what we offer you, now knows no bounds.

To conclude, in the same way that Buzz tells Woody ‘I’m proud of you cowboy’, my feeling towards Brett Investment and our own ‘galactic mission’ is exactly that… a fantastic mix of excitement and pride in where we find ourselves and what the future now holds!

It really is to infinity and beyond!


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